New feature: Product catalog
Now you can use a product catalog, which will make managing stock easier, when you are building an online store. A control panel will help you organize and edit product information on the website.
Create products categories
Keep track of your available stock
Add new items manually or use the import option if you have a large inventory
Convenient stock management for your online shop
Add products and edit product information in the catalog's control panel. No need to republish pages, as all changes on the website will be made automatically.
Quantity of available stock
You can set up automated stock reduction after each completed purchase. This will prevent your site from selling an out-of-stock product.
Editing product quantities in the catalog's control panel
Showing product that is currently unavailable
Products variants
One product can have several variants. If you're selling an armchair, you can mention that is has leather or fabric upholstery, as well as different color options. You can also upload different images for each product variant, specify a different quantity and price.
Adding several product variants.
Showing several product variants on a product card.
Additional options
If, in addition to selling a product, you offer a gift-wrapping option, note this down in the Additional Options window.
Managing additional product options.
Showing additional options on a product card.
Catalog categories
To make managing the catalog more convenient, why not divide the inventory into categories? There is an option to display Categories separately in your store.
Using categories in the catalog.
A unique page is automatically created for each product, which is indexed by search engines. A sitemap-store.xml file is also generated, which can be added to Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster.
Importing and exporting products
Importing CSV formatted data will help to upload your inventory to the catalog quickly. Items can also be exported to different services.
How to get started with an online catalog
In the Blocks Library choose Block ST300, ST305, ST310 or ST315 in the Store category. Go to Product Catalog in the Content section.
After adding products to the catalog, connect the catalog to the product cards block.
Step-by-step instructions:
Add any block featuring product cards on the page. Go to the block's Content section. There, go to the product catalog and select the section that you want to be displayed in the block.
Go to the catalog's control panel.
Click on 'Add product', write down its name, description and upload images.
If the product has more than one option, add properties such as color or size, and variants. For each product variant, you can set a selection of properties as well as quantity of products in stock.
Include additional options which may influence the final price as needed. These could be gift-wrapping or an additional accessory.
The next catalog update, which will include new features such as product filters, will be released at the end of May 2019. Stay tuned!
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