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How to Use & Modify Tilda Icons

🖼 Icons are simple images used to quickly communicate something to the visitors. People usually remember icons much better than text and can easily recognize their meaning.

Icons are often used to highlight something: they can be added next to product features, a list of services, or an event schedule.

Tilda offers a free icon collection featuring 47 icon sets for business (almost 1000 icons in total). Icons are free to use under the only condition: please link back to Tilda: https://tilda.cc. You can add an attribution to the footer of your website, for example.

🎨 The default color of the Tilda icons is black. If you want white or colored icons, you don't need to search them elsewhere or manually create them.

How to change the color of Tilda icons:
1. Go to https://tilda.cc/free-icons, find the set of icons you like, and download it on your computer.

2. Open any vector graphics editor supporting SVG images such as Figma, for example.

3. Upload the icon to the editor and modify its color. Done! Just export the icon to your computer and upload it to one of the blocks on Tilda.
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