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DEC. 23, 2020
Christmas look for your website
With Tilda, you can decorate your website in 5 –10 minutes yourself, no need to stage any photoshoot or draw sophisticated illustrations. Our designers created several customizable holiday blocks and a special set of icons. See them in action in this article.
DEC. 2, 2020
Use Tilda to measure your online store performance. Keep an eye on the number of orders and the total sales, monitor an average order value, a repeat purchase rate, and other metrics. Analyze the most popular and the most viewed products, discover the channels that generate the highest income, and increase your sales with Tilda tools.
Other Updates
With the buttons on the product card, it is much easier to change the number of items added to the shopping cart. You can also enter the necessary number manually.
"+" and "—" to change the number of products
Restoring deleted items in the shopping cart

If a user deletes a product from the cart, the timer is activated. It is possible to return the item to the cart within 5 seconds. This option is useful when a person changes their mind or has deleted the item accidentally.
Size chart
It is now possible to add a link to the size chart in the catalog category settings or to any other extra information about products.
Dimensions and weights for the product variants
Now you can set different dimensions and weights for the product variants in the catalog. Let's say you sell small, medium, and large Christmas trees; you can set different values for each of them in order to calculate the shipping cost correctly.
Product import/export using CSV-files
It is possible to export and import products' weight and dimensions, as well as a product card mark ("Sale", "New", etc.) using CSV-files.

During the import it is now possible to group product variants by the parent ID, stock keeping unit, name, or to upload without grouping.

During the catalog export to CSV-file, it is also possible to select the format of a column delimiter: a comma or a semicolon. It is useful if you use the inventory system where the import fields are to be separated by particular symbols.
Online store updates
OCT. 26, 2020
Zero Block Updates
Now you can change the parameters of multiple selected elements of the same type. This update speeds up the design process: you can change the fonts of several elements at once, as well as their size, color, opacity, etc.

It has also become way easier to adapt elements to various screen resolutions. Imagine you have 6 text elements of the same level with a font size of 24 pixels. To quickly adapt them to a smaller screen, you just need to set the font size to 22 pixels once and it will be applied to all the selected text blocks.
Editing Properties of Multiple Elements in Zero Block
Right-click any element in Zero Block to open the context menu. It helps you get to the most frequently used settings, such as copy, delete, or lock, faster. Also, working with layers and a large number of elements has become more convenient.
Context Menu
From the context menu, it is now possible to set CSS class names for any element in Zero Block.

This feature simplifies elements editing: you can define a class for the title, image, gallery, or any other element, and then specify its name in HTML.

Set complex gradients to the title, modify gallery arrows, buttons, and more. Your creativity is limitless.
CSS Class Name
OCT. 22, 2020
New templates
OCT. 20, 2020
Built-in Image Library Update
We improved the design of the built-in image library, the one you use to add images and icons to your website inside the Editor. Now the search is even handier. Images from the library can be added both to the basic blocks and to Zero Block.
OCT. 5, 2020
Interface Design Updates and New Options
We updated the inner pages design in your dashboard and added some useful functions. For example, you can organize projects by dragging and dropping them, access website settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner, and much more.
#madeontilda: Remarkable website designs from our customers
MTrading Forex trading webinar
SmallTalk online language simulator
Legit.ng online news and entertainment platform
Ffface Instagram filters
SEPT. 28, 2020
Tilda Grant for NPOs
We support social and nonprofit organizations to make this world a better place. Each month, we give away 5 free annual subscriptions to NPOs around the world.

To win a free subscription, log into your Tilda account, fill in the application form and wait for the results. We will publish lists of the winning projects on this page every last Friday of the month.

SEPT. 2, 2020
New Feature on Tilda: Adaptive Image Loading
We deployed the image processing technology that scales images to the size of the layout container and converts them to a next-gen format — WebP.

Adaptive Image Loading is already active on all Tilda websites by default, you don't need to enable it. We tested the technology for several months, and are excited to tell you about it.
#madeontilda: Remarkable websites designed by our users
Lokoto futuristic clothing brand
Kassa interior design studio
Geek Club robot store
CaseCopilot interactive interview coaching system
Prime dry cleaning service
#madeontilda: Great websites designs from our customers
IntoTheCloud Cloud solutions provider
Swaps App crypto wallet solution
ASA Amazon Seller Accounts
The Esports Leads podcast about marketing and advertising
Therappy free personal self-therapy guide
JULY 29, 2020
Tilda Customer Support News
We want to make sure our support is effective and enjoyable for you so we are constantly working on improving the quality of our support service.

Things got very busy during the pandemic. Some of you had to wait a little longer than usual to hear from us. Here’s what we did to tackle the issue: We hired more staff and improved internal processes. Today, our workload and average response times are back to normal. We are proud of our Customer Support Team and we are grateful for your patience and understanding.

We have also introduced a new ticketing system to help us process customer queries. Now, if you have a question for us, choose the question category and fill out a form.
Two important points to keep in mind when contacting Tilda Customer Support:
1. Always include a link to the problem page.
2. Please be as specific as possible when asking a question or describing an issue.
We believe that the new ticketing system will help us deal with your queries faster and provide more comprehensive, high-quality answers.

These changes may be invisible to the eye but this is a big step for us. We will continue improving the system so it works better, for us and for you. We care. We sincerely hope to make the process of creating a website in Tilda easy and enjoyable.
JULY 29, 2020
4 new blocks in library
FR601. Gallery feature cards
VD14. Video Playlist
FR602. Tiles with image or card
FR305. Background image and feature cards
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Artist Oscar Renkel's personal website
Legend Waste Solutions website
Veer Earplugs landning page
UX Design online course by Flavia Kawazoe Cabral
Visual Freaks creative agency
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Tillanelli illustration studio
Vinlink marketing tool
DSN full service digital marketing company
Daily Drawing 2020 by Julia Zass
Just Digital marketing agency
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Berlinder Ideenlabor project
Muylocal food delivery service
Bridgemaker venture building
Okay Period heat therapy patches
Papaton Kids shadow theater
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
SMA Craft Beer Bar in Georgia
Right french press for coffee
MySky AI-powered spend management platform
Eventerium creative and event agency
Kirsen Global Security superior monitoring solutions
MARCH 5, 2020
New in Zero Block
Place one or several galleries anywhere inside the block, customise cursors and borders, and enable animation effects. To add the gallery feature, click on the Add gallery button and choose images you want to add to a gallery carousel.
Create your animation for the desktop version of the website, then switch to the tablet mode and, in the mobile animation section, click 'Switch on'. Animation will be enabled for all mobile devices. You can adapt your animations to fit different screen sizes. Animation trigger will be the same for all devices.
Align multiple elements with two clicks. The feature will position elements at equal intervals from each other. Save time by avoiding repetitive tasks. To align elements, highlight them and click on the Tidy up button.
Mobile animation for all portable devices
Align elements
Magnify or reduce the size of your work area by pressing Cmnd +/- for Macs and Ctrl +/- for Windows.
Double-click the layer name to change it to the one you want.
Renaming layers
MARCH 4, 2020
New in Online store
Recommend additional products from your online store to your site visitors. Display cards for one or all product categories.
The maximum number of thumbnail images is calculated based on the size of the main image. If there are more small images than able to fit into a column, the last image will feature the number of images that didn't fit. The feature is available in blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N and ST315N in the Gallery Style section.
Share a link with a specific selection of products. Site visitors can set up filters or sorting of products and email the link to anyone — the settings will be saved. This feature helps the owners of online stores built in Tilda to set up more targeted advertising. When a person clicks on the ad, she will be taken to a specific set of products based on their colour, size, and any other parameters.
Main image with a gallery of thumbnail product images on its left
New feature: See Also
Links generation for filters, sorting and search
MARCH 3, 2020
What's new in Feeds
Relevant posts. Add the See Also button in the Detailed View section to recommend new, popular or less popular posts from one or all categories.

Aligning buttons. Align buttons in cards at the bottom of the page in blocks FD301 and FD302, the List Items section.

Recommend buttons. Add the Recommend button in the Detailed View section if you'd like your readers to share your posts.

Scale images in the post's gallery. Choose the size of an image in a detailed view of the post.

Zooming in on click. Site visitors can zoom in on an image in an article when they click on it. Activate this feature in the Detailed View section.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Aigul's portfolio
Arena Space chain of VR amusement parks
Happy Paul skincare
OX SMM agency
Next-gen smart lighting system
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Rentguru property managment portal
Projekt workspace development
Hosico Scottish cat
Silver Building workspace
TME Seals O-rings
DEC. 26, 2019
2019 in review
Online store product catalog, members-only access to restricted content, feeds for blogs and news, new design features in the Zero Block editor, new blocks and templates. It's been a very productive year!
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Vesper. Furniture and art objects store
The Wonders of Daily Drawing by illustrator Julia Zass
Digital Convenience Group automation solutions
Kunstera online art gallery
NEUCHATEL glassfor iPhone
DEC. 18, 2019
Trigger animation
in the Tilda Zero Block
Discover new animation features in Zero Block for your web projects. Animate an element and designate another element as a trigger. The trigger will launch an animation of the element on click or on hover.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Effa toothbrush
TREBLAB X5 headphones
DOCS VOSTOK production company
ICODA GROUP digital solutions for fintech businesses
"Base Templates" presentation templates
NOV. 19, 2019
New feature: Feeds
Make daily posting of news and blog posts on your website easier. Create posts in a convenient editor, add sections, schedule posts
OCT. 22, 2019
6 new blocks in the library
CR40. Narrow cover with title and description
CR41. Cover with title and Play button
CR42. Cover with title, subtitle and upper note
AB608. Image with offset card
GL24. Fullscreen combination of large and small images
T886. Cookies disclaimer
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Kawunu solutions for connected vehicles
Hedonism Rebublic fetish bed linen online store
Import2 Wizard Business data management solutions
Flights Concierge service for business travel
MobiWise app development
OCT. 4, 2019
5 new blocks in the library
CR38. Horizontal cover with a timetable
BF905A. New widget with messengers icons in a popup
FR208. Two column cards with an arrow
FR406. Columns with symbols on the background
TE230. Cards with advanced settings
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
myGaru tool to manage and protect personal data
Longenesis secure platform for life data storage
Uxcited Prague Interface Design Conference
Epicoooo Digital design studio
Luxury properties in Vienna
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
69pixels design agency from Minsk
Online courses in Legal English
EVE Production. Full-cycle video production
Freegram social media marketing agency
Emerge Conference 2020
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
6nomands closed developer hiring platform
Robolitica mobile market intelaggence
UpHex monitoring for Facebook Ads
Augestad sweet-shop
Freegram social media automatization
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Aximetria finance app
Dotphoton Raw image compressing app
Product Knowledge Graph software
Setapp platform that packs 140+ Mac apps into just one
Golbex cryptocurrency exchange software
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
FlippingBook Digital Benefit Guides
Attractor Analytic System
Scorum R&D Center Product Company
Blynk hardware-agnostic IoT platform
ATC Business Consulting
APRIL 30, 2019
Product catalog
Now you can manage your entire inventory in one place. Create categories, add and edit product properties – any changes in the catalog will instantly appear on all webpages.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Aspirity Web and Mobile development studio
Emerge Tech Conference
Astrid AI-powered assistant
WAFL mini-cafe franchise
HOLD leather accessories
Create a members area for your website
Restrict access to your website's exclusive content. Invite members, add them to the groups and provide access to specific pages.
MARCH 15, 2019
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
MixBytes blockchain projects development
My Tie Media creative audio and sound design studio
Sormegleren Norvegian realtor company landing page
RAV Vast drum store
Maps.me blog
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
365 days of daily drawing. Project by Julia Zass
Walterjunior architectural agency
f(by) 2019 functional programming conference
Chipmunk design studio
Gese 2.0 blockchain driven system
Tilda. 2018 in review
In 2018, Tilda added many new features and blocks. A built-in CRM system, Zero Block updates, advanced animation, new fields in forms, tests and quizzes, advanced site stats, and collaborative site editing are just some of the highlights from last year. We have big things planned for you in 2019.
Tilda. 2018 in review
In 2018, Tilda added many new features and blocks. A built-in CRM system, Zero Block updates, advanced animation, new fields in forms, tests and quizzes, advanced site stats, and collaborative site editing are just some of the highlights from last year. We have big things planned for you in 2019.
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
Lurtex industrial valves and equipment
Preference specialized linguistic services
Marketer Technologies automated marketing
SMA Capital Invest Fund website
Aleksei Demchenko website
DEC.12, 2018
Search for a designer on Tilda
New feature in Tilda Experts. Now you can find a designer who creates websites on Tilda for your project
DEC. 5, 2018
Build-in statistics update
Involvement. How much time people are spending on your page
Sources. Which channels provide most traffic
Geography. Top 10 countries where most of your visitors come from
#madeontilda: Interesting websites designs from our customers
WITHIN personal growth and self-discovery events
Matt Chaz Knitwear website
Sum & Substance Toolkit for KYC/AML
AptResponse employee experience product
JFuture Conference landing page