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Tilda Sans Is Available To All

Tilda Sаns is Tilda’s signature variable #typeface. Created in 2021, it used to be available only for platform users. As of today, anyone can download Tilda Sans for free and use it in any project, including commercial ones.

Tilda Sans is a geometric sans serif typeface with a neutral character. It works well for both headings and body texts and is suitable for websites of various subjects.

Tilda Sans features seven font weights—from Light to Black—combined into a variable typeface that ensures faster page load speed and easier use in text boxes, headings, subheadings, and in the UI.

The font is multilingual and supports 140+ languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Irish, Catalan, Quechua, Serbian, etc.

The character set includes extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts, additional ligatures, alternates, subscripts and superscripts, fractions, proportional and monospaced versions of numbers and currencies, as well as a set of special-case forms for the easy handling of uppercase letters.

"By releasing a quality font and making is free for all, we hope it will become as iconic as it was once PT Sans, for example," Nikita Obukhov, Tilda Founder.

Download the typeface and learn more about it at https://tilda.cc/lp/tildasans
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