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Landing Page Blocks: Success Stories

🌟 A landing page usually consists of several blocks, with each performing its own function. Let's talk in more detail about the block you can use to share your customer success stories.

Show your website visitors how valuable your products or services are. Tell genuine stories of people who became successful thanks to your product, course, or event. Add testimonials to help people believe in your product and make a purchasing decision.

You can also showcase your company's success story: top cases, unique approach, and the range of solutions you offer. If all your cases are based on the same principle, use the "How it works" category to describe the stages of your workflow process. If visual stories are important for your business, you might want to use the "Before/after image slider".

For example, if you're an interior designer, show before/after photos of your projects with a brief description of the assignment in the case studies section. In the “How it works” block, show the stages of the design approval process and the way you interact with clients and contractors.

To add success stories, you can use blocks from the "Reviews" or "Tile & link" categories in the Tilda Block Library 🙌
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