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Year in Review Template

🎉 Drawing up the results at the end of the calendar year is a nice way to look at your work from the outside and share your achievements with clients or colleagues. Communicate your project's annual recap using the new template from Tilda designers.

Start with a striking cover and heading, and include your customers in the text—mention that they've been part of your journey this year. Share the key results first, and add some striking numbers afterward.

Add a message from the team or project owner, then talk about the most remarkable achievements of the year, the projects you've completed, the goals you've reached. Don't forget to add some eye-catching numbers and vivid photos to make the story more engaging.

Be sure to thank people for being with you, give warm greetings, and wish them happy holidays ✨

🎄 To create the mood for Christmas, use one of the blocks with Christmas decorations, such as a string of branches and toys at the bottom of the page.

It's easy to share a report if you make it on Tilda—just send the URL to your colleagues, no need to attach PDF files or presentations. The template automatically adapts to 5 screen resolutions and looks great on any device: Desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

You can also use this template to summarize your personal results for the year. Send the page to your friends or get inspired in anticipation of new achievements in the coming year.

View the template 👉 https://tilda.cc/tpls/page/?q=yearinreview
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