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Getting Started With Keyword Research For Ads Campaigns

🔎 While looking for something online we use search terms such as "How to get an MBA." Search engines process the query and show relevant websites and search ads. Keywords are used to show ads in response to relevant queries and help you reach the right audience and achieve your goals.

Here are 4 tips to do the keyword research:

1. Start With Your Product Or Service

Think what your business offers, analyze the content of your website's product or service pages. Identify the words and phrases that come up most often. Add phrases that your target audience might search for, and make use of synonyms.

2. Use Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools help find related terms and estimate search volume. Lots of such tools are available online, such as the Free Keyword Generator by Ahrefs.

3. Analyze User Search Terms

Look at the search terms people have used to find your ads or click through to your website using Google Analytics. This can help refine your keyword list and focus on the most effective terms for conversions.

4. Don't Overlook Your Competitors' Ads

Analyzing your competitors' ads is a great way to find out what keywords they use in their ads. It can also inspire you for future campaigns and make sure you're not missing effective phrases.
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