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How To Create a Domain Email Address On Tilda

The domain mail is an email address on a company's domain—for example, user@companyname.com. Discover why you need it and how to create it 👉

- You need domain mail if you often send emails to partners and clients. A domain name in an email address increases the recipient's trust and the likelihood of getting a response.

- You also need the domain mail if you want to send newsletter campaigns. Mail services are less likely to label such emails as spam.

- If you are a freelancer, domain mail will help you develop your personal brand and emphasize your professionalism in communication with clients.

- Domain mail is more difficult to hack, so your users' or clients' data is less likely to get into the hands of scammers.

- If you use your personal email for work, there is a risk of overlooking important emails. Domain mail allows you to separate personal and business emails.

How To Create Domain Mail For a Tilda Website
Once you've connected the domain name to your Tilda website, you can create an email address on your domain. To do this, you can use a mail service—discover how to create a domain mail with Google Workspace.

Step 1
Go to Google Workspace --> Get started. Enter information about your business, yourself, and your domain.

Step 2
Create a domain email username and password, choose a plan, and add the billing info.

Step 3
Verify domain ownership and follow the Google Workspace guide to add MX records. In about 24 hours activate Gmail in Google Workspace.

Done! Now you can sign in to the Gmail inbox with the username and password you've created.

Find the detailed guide on connecting domain mail in our Help Center—https://help.tilda.cc/mail-domain
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