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New Block: Slider with Review Cards

Are you thinking to add reviews to your website? Discover a new block from the "Reviews" category: TS104N Slider with review cards.

The block works well for long reviews and testimonials: the text cards are large, and the next card preview can be seen on the side. You can choose to display only the beginning of a review and hide the rest of it. The full review can be pulled up in a pop-up window by clicking on the card.

💬 In addition to the text, you can also add the reviewer's name and photo, as well as a short description with a URL containing additional info, such as their position or a company they represent. Adding reviews is easy: cards can be swapped, hidden, or duplicated in the Content panel of the block.

The appearance of the cards can be quickly customized in the Settings panel: adjust the width and height, background color, border, and spacing between cards.
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