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🍱 Bento Grid Style In Web Design

Bento grid layouts are trending in web design this year. Inspired by Japanese bento boxes, they organize content into neat squares and rectangles, allowing to achieve visual clarity and informational hierarchy.

Discover the key characteristics of this style, and learn how you can use it in your future projects👇

What Is Bento Style
The Bento design style, inspired by traditional Japanese bento lunch boxes, arranges content into softly rounded squares and rectangles.

It can be especially useful for designing a blog page, a section for benefits or useful links, etc.

Key Benefits
• Bento grid layouts are very easy to create because they feature basic shapes like squares and rectangles, which also adapt well to different screen resolutions.
• Each element in the Bento grid layout showcases a single piece of content. This improves how information is organized on the page. Varying sizes, bold colors, and high-contrast fonts help direct users' attention.

Creating A Bento Grid Layout
• Start with the grid: Ensure each element is rectangular.
• Slightly round the edges of the grid elements to create a unified layout aesthetic.
• Add images and texts and arrange them within the grid
• Create a content hierarchy by varying elements' sizes, colors, images, typography, etc.

If you're creating a landing page rather than a blog, ensure that the layout doesn't feel monotonous. To achieve this, use a varying number of columns in the consecutive blocks
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