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Automatic Domain Connection Checker

👀 It is now even easier to connect a domain name to your Tilda website. You can monitor the connection status on the Domain tab of the Site Settings.

Creating and launching a website on Tilda is simple. However, connecting a domain name raises many questions. Now in a couple of clicks, you can find out if your DNS records are correct, if your SSL certificate is connected, and if your website is protected from DDoS attacks. If there is an error, the system will point to it and let you know how to fix it.

Now on the same tab, you can see a list of IP addresses that best match your profile. IP addresses vary depending on your target audience and domain zone.

To find out which IP address is right for you, go to Site Settings → Domain, paste your domain name, and save the changes. Copy the IP that appears below, and set it for your registrar's A-type records.

📌 If you see the message "Update domain connection" on the Tilda dashboard, go to your registrar's domain control and change the IP address for A-records. Wait for the update to take effect. This will increase the website's reliability.

Learn more about connecting custom domains 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/customdomain
Learn more about setting up DNS 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/dns
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