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How To Create a Resume Website

📂 Catch the recruiter's attention with your resume website. Here's how to properly structure it and create it on Tilda, and what you should consider before applying for a job.

A Resume Website Makes You Stand Out From Other Candidates
Of course, you can create your resume as a simple text document, but the recruiter may not notice it among other applications. A resume on Tilda will set you apart with an unusual format and show that you have an extra skill - website design.
With a resume website, you can showcase your experience as you like it. If you are an illustrator, for instance, you can include your artwork. This will emphasize your unique style.
Besides, such pages are indexed by search engines and will adapt to different screen resolutions.

Resume Structure
To help the recruiter easily navigate your resume, divide the page into sections and add a large heading to each block. This way, the recruiter will quickly see what parts your CV consists of.

An example of resume structure:
  1. Your name and contacts. Provide several options to contact you, some recruiters prefer to email, while others like to use messengers.
  2. Desired position. Check that the job title in your resume is the same as the position you are applying for.
  3. Experience. Describe your achievements in previous jobs, including not only your responsibilities but results as well.
  4. Portfolio. If you're experienced in several areas like web design, illustration, and banner ads, create a separate subsection for each.
  5. Education. If you have had relevant training, describe what you learned there and how you use it in your work.
  6. Skills. Briefly share your skills that are relevant to the desired job. To figure out what to include, look at similar jobs and identify employers' requirements for candidates.
  7. About. Mention your personal qualities and soft skills that can be valuable for the job.

When Designing the Page, Think About Reader's Comfort
  • Resume design should be smooth and not distract from the subject. Stick to one visual style and use no more than 2 fonts and 3 colors - main and 1-2 accent colors.
  • It often takes a couple of seconds for recruiters to scan a resume, so don't hide important information under drop-down lists.
  • Before publishing the resume, re-read it and check the grammar and punctuation. A resume with errors looks sloppy and repels employers.
To create the resume faster, use a pre-designed "Resume" template: Follow its structure and personalize the design.

Pro Tip
We recommend that you add the opportunity to download the resume so that the recruiter can print it if they need to. To save the page in a PDF format, add the "Print: Page break" block in the places where the website should be paginated.

How to save a Tilda page as a PDF: help.tilda.cc/save-as-pdf
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