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How to Improve Landing Page Performance

🎯 In Chapter 5 of the Landing Page Course, you'll learn how to boost your website performance, reduce cost per lead, set up SEO, conduct A/B testing, etc. Here are key takeaways on how to choose the right metrics for your project.

Use your sales funnel to select relevant metrics. This is a typical landing page funnel:
1. Getting visitors involved
2. Navigating visitors through the website
3. Purchase
4. Customer retention

What metrics can help you understand if each step is set up correctly?

🏃‍♀️To check if your visitors get involved, see the Bounce rate. If plenty of people leave your page right away, consider redesigning your cover page or target a more relevant audience.

Is your website easy to navigate?
☝️Track the scroll heatmap to see what parts are quickly skipped and where users stayed longer.
✌️The click heatmap tells you if some buttons are rarely clicked—try to redesign them.

🛒 Heatmaps are also helpful in analyzing purchases. You can see if the CTA falls into an area that users rarely reach.

After the purchase, offer a relevant discount or bonus. It's easy to identify returning customers with a CRM system: try a free built-in Tilda CRM.

👀 Explore other tips to improve your page performance in Chapter 5: https://tilda.education/en/courses/landing-page
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