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New Way to Connect a Domain

⚙️ It's now easier to connect new domains to Tilda websites. Instead of editing DNS records and adding A-type records in your registrar's account, you only need to add Tilda's NS-servers records:
✔️ ns1.tildadns.com
✔️ ns2.tildadns.com

The update is an alternative method to set up the domain through the IP address. You can connect the domain in any way you like.

If the domain is already assigned to the website, you don't need to change the settings.

😎 Delegating your domain management to Tilda servers will allow you to quickly create subdomains and additional records (e.g., to assign a custom email domain).

More about connecting a domain via NS-servers: https://help.tilda.cc/tilda-dns
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