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🚀 Figma To Tilda Import Has Just Landed On Product Hunt

If your design workflow involves both Figma and Tilda, you're in for a treat. This feature allows you to automatically transfer your layouts from Figma to Tilda in several clicks and launch a fully functioning website immediately after.

Whether you've already tested the Import feature or only about to do that, we'd love to hear your thoughts on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/figma-to-tilda-design-import.

Your feedback not only helps us improve, but also signals that we should continue developing useful integrations with other platforms.

🎁 In celebration of the launch day, we're offering a free 3-month Personal Plan subscription to everyone who shares their experiences with the Import feature on Product Hunt.

Simply send a screenshot of your review via DMs or email it to marketing@tilda.cc. If you already have a paid subscription, we'll add the three months to your existing plan. If you're new to Tilda, we'll send you a promo code.
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