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XYZ Analysis In Online Store Stats

You can now conduct an XYZ analysis for your eCommerce inventory on Tilda. This allows you to classify your top-selling items into regular sales, volatile demand, and random sales. This method shows how much the frequency of product sales deviates from the average values.

The ABC-XYZ summary table displays the fluctuations in demand throughout the year. If iced tea sells well in the summer, for example, you shouldn't expect the same demand in January. The product falls into the BY category that is the average percentage of sales and variable demand, making it a product with an average degree of reliability.

XYZ analysis helps to identify similar and less obvious fluctuations, reduce volatility, and help develop a data-driven business.

To enable XYZ analysis, go to your Online Store Statistics, open the Top Ordered Items, and click on the "XYZ analysis" toggle.
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