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Smooth Scroll to a Local Anchor Link ⚓

Anchor links allow the visitor to easily navigate to different sections of your page without manual scrolling.

By default, website visitors are taken to specific sections instantly. This comes in handy if speed is important so that the visitor quickly navigates to the desired block.

If you want the user to stay in visual contact with the page, set up a smooth page scroll. The visitor won't have to manually scroll down the page, plus instead of scrolling instantly, the page will scroll smoothly.

This will engage visitors and make them better understand the structure of the page as they may find other content of interest and come back to it later.

To achieve a smooth scrolling effect for anchor links, add a scroll modifier—block T178 from the "Other" category to the bottom of your page. Now, when you click an anchor link, the transition will be smoothly animated.

💫 If you are using a fixed menu, it will overlap with the content of another block when a user clicks on an anchor link. To avoid this, set additional padding in pixels equal to the menu's height in the Settings of the modifier block T178.
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