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+2 New Templates in Category Pro

😎 Two new templates released!

👉 Creative Studio: http://johndoe.template.tilda.ws
👉 Marketing Agency: http://agency.template.tilda.ws

Both templates were created in Zero Block and are available for all Tilda users.

“Agency” template has a black background and big white typography. Plenty of white space, minimalist illustration, and bright green accents. The background color turns bright green in the middle of the page, and the font becomes black. “Agency” is a great fit for marketing agencies, design studios, or creative portfolios.

“John Doe” template nicely combines several bright colors. Lots of photos, colorful decorations, and a creative layout. This one is great for creative studios, music festivals, and IT products or events.

✨ Choose a template from category Pro when creating a new webpage. After adding the template don't forget to install custom fonts.

In category Pro, you'll find versatile templates with custom layouts, creative use of typography, and interactive animation effects. You can use them for all kinds of digital projects, from landing pages to online stores: https://tilda.cc/tpls/#zb
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