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🎨 Use #gradients to make the website more vivid and eye-catching. A nice color combo draws visitors' attention to important messages or sections.

With Tilda, you don't need to look for third-party tools for gradients—design them right in Zero Block. Choose between a radial and linear gradient and apply it to the background, text, buttons, shapes, and tooltips.

In modern web design, you can combine almost any color. If you are in doubt, use pre-selected combos from Tilda Colors. It's a library of colors and gradients hand-picked by Tilda designers.

Copy any color by clicking on its code or color palette: https://tilda.cc/colors

For example, you can use a bold red and orange gradient. Save the hues' codes: #FF6A28 and #FE2F57.

To add a gradient to an element, go to the Artboard Settings in Zero Block → Background Color → select the gradient type, and specify two main colors.

You can add more colors to your gradient, just hover over the gradient bar and click a plus icon. To remove a color, simply drag it down.
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