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How To Increase Website Conversions With Click Heatmaps

A heatmap is a tool that allows you to see and analyze user behavior on the website.

It shows what visitors' attention is focused on, which elements they interact with more, and which go unnoticed. There are several visual heatmap tools with similar logic behind such as Smartlook.

Clicks on the map are marked in color according to their frequency: From red (most clicked, hot elements) to blue (cold elements). Such visual maps help spot website design weak points and find ideas for redesign.

By analyzing the heatmap, you'll understand:
1. What elements to improve
If visitors repeatedly click on inactive elements and not on CTAs, it means their behavior differs from your expectations and the design needs to be revised.

2. What content attracts people
See which website sections are most clickable, and which people don't give attention to. If users skip important elements, you may want to modify the design and copy.

3. Whether your website is user-friendly
If visitors often click close to the button instead of clicking on it, make it bigger. It's especially true for mobile versions.

How To Connect a Click Heatmap
To use Smartlook with your Tilda website, copy the tracking code from the Smartlook project settings. On Tilda, go to Site Settings —> More —> Edit code —> HTML Code For the Head Section, and insert the code. Save and republish all pages.

Learn more about analyzing website user behavior in the 5th Chapter of the Tilda Landing Page Coursebook.
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