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Digital Accessibility On Tilda

Digital accessibility is the concept that makes technology inclusive and equally accessible for most users, taking into account those with disabilities. We’ve been working hard to ensure that websites that you create on Tilda can be used by everyone, regardless of their health limitations.

Check out our progress on digital accessibility👇

Websites made on Tilda are designed with inclusivity in mind
Tilda's pre-designed blocks make it easy to build a website that is accessible to people with disabilities, with features that allow assistive technologies—like screen readers—easily interpret its content.

Tools To Create Accessible Websites At Your Fingertips
Website accessibility for people with disabilities is the responsibility of both the platform and the website creator.
  • Visible focus indicator for keyboard navigation
  • All title blocks include H1-H6 tags
  • Alt text for images in all blocks
  • And many other useful features
Discover what you can do right now for your website to be more user-friendly for all visitors.
  • Add Alt tags for images
  • Assign H1-H6 Title tags
  • Use contrasting colors for the background and text
  • Choose fonts that are easily readable
  • Provide not only a phone number but also an email, and other contact details
Driving Accessibility On Tilda
Our ongoing efforts to improve the platform accessibility include yet-to-come user-friendly updates to the rest of the blocks in the library, along with Zero Block, and other Tilda's built-in services.
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