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🖋Typeface: Cormorant Garamond

Introducing an elegant serif font inspired by the French Garamond font family. Designed by Christian Thalmann.

This font is a good choice for headings and short texts. It goes well with Roboto and Open Sans. You can use Cormorant Garamond for jewelry stores, portfolio websites, and other projects where aesthetics and delicate accents are appreciated.

💛 You can use Cormorant Garamond for free on Tilda. To add it to your project, choose the font style(s) on fonts.google.com, copy the auto-generated link, then open Tilda > Site Settings > Fonts and Colors > Custom settings > Google Fonts, and paste the link in the CSS Link input field.

Additionally, you can choose the fonts from the built-in Tilda library, Adobe Fonts, or upload your own.

More on how to set fonts for your website 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/fonts
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