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Tilda CRM Updates

Tilda CRM is a free built-in system to manage your leads. This is a simple and intuitive tool, you don't need any additional training, you can just create a list, connect it to the form, and start working.

Discover the latest updates in Tilda CRM 👇

👉 Filter By Dates
If you have several fields with dates, you can now select one for filtering. Let's say you have the event date specified by a client and the date when submission was sent, you can filter leads by any of these dates.

👉 New Field: Products In the Order
Add the system field "Products In the Order" to display the data about purchases in your CRM table. You can export the list of orders as a CSV file. To do this, go to Settings → Export → Download.

👉 Search Leads By Product Title
You can find the leads that contain the required products by using keywords in the search.

👉 Move Data Between Fields
You can transfer or copy data from one field to another. To do this, open the list → Settings → Fields → Edit Field → Move Data.

👉 Transfer Leads Between Stages
Transferring leads between stages now considers the filter you've set for the list. It allows you to filter leads by date and move certain leads to the next stage.

Learn more about Tilda CRM: https://tilda.cc/lp/crm
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