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Why Business Websites Need a Career Page

👩🏽‍💻 A career page is a website section aimed at attracting candidates for open roles. It often includes a company description, its values and mission, photos of the team, and job listings. Find out how a career page can enhance your company's online presence. 👇

Strengthen Brand Positioning
All the best things about working in the company are collected on one page: Job openings, internships, photos, team. This helps promote your brand values, showcase your company culture, and establish employer branding.

Attract Potential Candidates
By describing your company’s mission, values, key accomplishments, career opportunities, and benefits, you can generate greater interest in your jobs among quality candidates.

Facilitate Application Process
You can include your HR team contacts, create an online job application form, a FAQ, and a question widget. This simplifies communication and helps you answer candidates' questions quickly increasing their interest in the company.

Experiment With The Tone Of Voice
A career page can look different from to the rest of the website as the candidates do not necessarily belong to your business target audience.

If your website style is strict and minimalist, a career page can be more outgoing, emotional and colorful to inspire candidates.
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