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New Pro Templates: Color Dots & Flowers

🌱 Meet two new templates created in Zero Block. Let's take a closer look at them.

Color Dots is a bright colorful template with thin lines, custom buttons. It's a great starting point for portfolios, event landing pages, and online stores.

The Flowers template features expressive typography, stunning image slider, and interactive animation. It's a nice fit for long-form features, design studio websites, or event landing pages.

See what the new Pro templates look like:
👉 http://colordots.template.tilda.ws
👉 http://flowers.template.tilda.ws

✨ You can choose templates from the Pro category when creating new pages for your projects. Once you've added a template, please set up custom fonts following the instructions from the template.

In the Pro category, you'll find versatile templates with non-standard layouts, creative use of typography, and interactive animation effects. You can adapt them for all kinds of digital projects from landing pages to online stores.
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