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Modular Grid. Why designers use it?

🧑‍💻 The modular grid is a handy tool for organizing visual space. It has become part of the designer's professional toolkit and is used by both graphic and web designers.

Why you might need the modular grid?

🔸 The grid makes it easier to arrange and add new elements. Maintaining the design of the page in the future is also easier. This allows you to speed up your work.

🔸 It reduces the chance of errors when transferring elements from one page to another.

🔸 The grid makes the pages look more elegant, keeping the elements balanced and organized.

🔸 The grid helps new colleagues figure out layout design faster because there is always logic in the grid.

🔸 It's easier to create adaptive designs when they're grid-based.

What's more, the grid helps the visitor scan information faster. It creates a visual hierarchy, and navigating the website becomes easier.

💫 On Tilda, a 12-column grid is used. To display the grid on the page, add any text block (let's use TX01 as an example) TX01 → go to block Settings → click on "12-column grid".
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