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3 Ways To Choose Fonts For Online Storytelling

A good-quality font chosen incorrectly can ruin the experience of a long read. If the font doesn't match the topic and key message of the story, it is not chosen well. In fact, the purpose of the font is to define the story's tone and immerse the reader in the context. Discover 3 tips that'll help you choose the best font.

1. Historical

Choose the font that belongs to the visual culture of the century your story is about. People are used to a specific cultural code of each generation. This way you evoke the desired associations to immerse the visitor in the context.

If you design a website about Edgar Allan Poe, you can choose the Gogol typeface that imitates the handwriting style typical for book production in the 1800s.

2. Emotional / Associative

Select the font that reflects the personality of the protagonist or the era (not the historical aspect). It may not fit the era but it fits the mood. It's often enough to use such font only for the title to create the desired style of the page.

For a long read about Edgar Allan Poe, you can use an elegant serif font Cormorant Garamond.

3. Contrasting

To create a special mood, create a contrast between the story and the font. How strong the contrast should be, depends on the project. This way you can make the story informal and unusual.
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