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Landing Page Coursebook on Product Hunt

😺 🥁 On June 29, we'll be launching our coursebook "How to Build a Landing Page" on Product hunt. The free course will guide you through designing, optimizing, and launching high-conversion landing pages.

We've drawn on our experience in creating tools for making high-conversion landing pages and transformed it into a 5-chapter free coursebook about landing page structure, design, and UX. We strive to share knowledge and watch people bring it to life and create better projects for a better world.

🎁 If you haven't read the course yet, it's a great time to start! If you like it, we'd love your feedback on launch day, June 29. As a thank you for your comments on Product Hunt, we'll give you a promo code for 1 month.

Check out the free coursebook 👉 https://tilda.education/en/landing-page-course

Stay tuned!
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