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🎄 How to Get Your Website Ready for Christmas

Decking out our homes for Christmas is a cozy tradition that makes us feel good and creates a festive mood. As we all spend lots of time online, decorating your website, online store, or landing page will delight visitors and bring magic in the run-up to the holidays.

On Tilda, you can quickly and easily deck out your website. No need to organize holiday photoshoots or order illustrations. Find out how to get your website Christmas-friendly in no time.

Christmas Decorations

Decorate your main page by adding a pre-designed block NY100 with a string of fir branches, candies, and gifts. The decoration is located at the bottom of the screen, so it doesn't cover important elements while bringing a festive mood to your website.

Christmas Message

Add block NY110 and write your wishes to the visitors or announce holiday discounts. After you publish the page, a Santa Claus or a cute gift box will appear on the page. When the user clicks on the image, a message unfolds making them feel your care.

Animated Snowfall On the Page

The "Snowfall effect" NY120 and "Let it snow" NY130 blocks bring animated snowflakes or swirling snow to your cover page.

Christmas Icons

You may want to use icons if, for instance, your offer is available only in winter or during the Christmas period. Tilda designers have created a set of Christmas icons that can be used for free for commercial purposes with attribution.
Download icons for free.

You can also customize your 404 page for the holidays by creating a new festive page with special deals, or send a Christmas newsletter to your customers using Tilda.

Check out all website decorations in our blog post.

Choose the option that's best for you and add some winter magic to the page. Happy holidays!

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