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5 Common Typography Mistakes

Rules in typography help you design texts that are easy to read and visually appealing. If your copy is barely legible, it may kill the impression of the website.

▪️No Hierarchy

Heading, subheading and body text should differ from each other—in size, weight, or font. That's how you create a visual hierarchy and help visitors distinguish between primary and secondary messages.

Without hierarchy, the website risks looking like a plain google doc that's really hard to navigate.

▪️Low Contrast Between Text And Background

If the text is not contrasted enough against the background—due to low opacity, for instance—it's hard to read. To avoid this, follow a simple rule: If the background is dark, the text should be light. And vice versa, a light background means dark text.

▪️Too Many Styles

The fewer typography styles you use, the better the accents in the text are visible. Try to avoid using more than 3 styles in one section, otherwise, the layout looks overloaded. It's sufficient to highlight headings, subheadings, and key phrases.

▪️Incorrect Line Spacing

Line spacing (or leading 🤓) is the space between adjacent lines of type. Its value affects readability. If line spacing is too large, the text looks loose, and if the distance is too small, the lines blend in and the text is difficult to read.

▪️Too Much Centered Text

Long texts aligned in the center are difficult to read. People are used to left-aligned texts, that's why central alignment is suitable only for short phrases like quotes.

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