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SEO Checklist: Improve Your Website's Ranking

All websites created on Tilda are well indexed by search engines thanks to the sequential arrangement of blocks on the page. By optimizing image delivery to visitors, pages load faster, and this also helps Tilda websites rank higher in search results.

It's easy to optimize a Tilda website without assistance. Just configure these basic SEO settings, and you are good to go.

✓ Add a title and description to your web page and upload a social media badge

✓ Create friendly URLs to make your website easy to navigate

✓ Add Alt tags for images

✓ Add tags H1, H2, H3 to let search engines figure out the structure and main content of the page

✓ Add a favicon - a tiny icon visible in the browser tab that helps users distinguish your website and quickly find it among the tabs

✓ Set up WWW and HTTPS redirects so that search engines understand they are different versions of the same page, not competing independent pages

✓ Create a 404 error page with a link to the main page. This will help keep users on your site in case they clicked on the incorrect link or entered the wrong URL

✓ Add your website to Google Search Console to speed up indexing

✓ Check the SEO Assistant tips for your Tilda website in Site Settings ⟶ SEO

👋 Learn more do-it-yourself SEO tips in our Help Center https://help.tilda.cc/search-engine
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