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How Designers Can Use AI

AI can soon become a web designer's personal assistant and save time on routine tasks. Here are some ideas on how AI can already be used for website design processes.

Image Generation
Use the AI power to create unique illustrations and photos for your website. It can generate artwork in a particular style, deliver stock-like photos, and even mockups. This comes in handy for creative projects as well as in situations where your customer has no images for the website.

Writing Texts
If the client has no texts ready and the website should go live urgently, you can ask an AI to write texts for a landing page, product descriptions, or 404 page.

The most popular chatbot for texts is ChatGPT. The result might be template-like and raw, so it’s better to approach ChatGPT-generated content as a basis that you will then refine manually.

Get Inspired
Image-generating AI tools can render the design of website blocks based on a specific subject. For instance, you can ask Midjourney to create the home screen for a yoga clothing store, and use the resulting images as composition or color palette references. This can be especially useful for aspiring designers who are scared of the white sheet.

Voice Over
AI software can already use human voices rather than robotic ones to dub text. If you are creating a website and want to make a product video, it will be faster to record the voiceover with AI than to do it yourself.

Saving Time
A web designer can use AI not only when creating websites, but also for personal purposes. For example, ChatGPT can suggest ideas for a personal project, outline its structure, and come up with texts.

If you're still unsure about delegating work to AI, start small by using it for personal projects. Learn how to formulate clear requests, adjusting them as needed. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have more time for creative and challenging work, as routine tasks are taken over by AI.
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