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Minimalism Web Design Style

◼️ Minimalism is a web design style that's aesthetically pleasing, airy, with each detail carefully thought out and serving a specific purpose. Without extra details and decorations, such design is focused on content and user experience. It also improves page load speed.

Minimalism is ideal for boutique online stores—selling jewelry or lingerie, for instance—where the main focus is on the product, and additional details don't interfere with the user experience.

Let's figure out how to create a minimalist website.

— Negative Space
In minimalism, empty space between elements is as important as the content itself. Make sure the website is airy, light, position sections and elements freely, don't lump them together, and don't be afraid of empty space. Negative space will help direct visitors' attention to the content.

Example: https://brand-da.com

— No Extra Details
Discard shadows, 3D objects, gradients, and any elements that don't carry a function. Choose flat elements, simple fonts, and images. In minimalism, nothing should distract a person from the content.

Example: http://rucoldlaundry.tilda.ws

— Monochrome
Minimalism doesn't mean you have to use a white background. You are free to choose any color. The key is to opt for large single-color backgrounds and use no more than two active colors on a page.

Example: http://grinev.tilda.ws

— Visual Hierarchy
Ease of navigation and readability should come first. Make sure that graphic elements are arranged in a clear and logical way. All same-level headings should be the same size, and there should be the same space between all similar elements.

📌 Tip: Use a modular grid. Select main guides or columns to anchor sections and key graphic elements.

Example: https://arttogo-shop.com

— Means of Expression
Minimalism is a style in which a minimum number of elements conveys a clear and complete message. Expressiveness is achieved by small means. For instance, you don't need to animate a button to grab the user's attention if all other elements on the page are minimalist.

📌 Tip: Try to create a website using one font weight, one color besides the background color, and one way to highlight the text. Add new means of expression only if the current ones are not enough.

Example: https://eng.fredinskaya.com
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