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Three Reasons Why You Need a 404 Page

💁‍♂️ The 404 page is an unsuccessful attempt to access something on the Internet. The 404 page opens automatically if a person clicks on a link and the requested page doesn't exist. For example, you've deleted the old link but it remains in the search index and a person can find and click it.

3 reasons why your website needs a 404 page:
1. You can't avoid all occasional errors—a person can type a wrong URL by mistake, not find what they are looking for, and drop out of the website. If you don't have a 404 page, you can let a potential client slip by.

2. When a website has lots of pages already, it can be difficult to check all the addresses: You may have changed some URLs to improve SEO or you've deleted a website section but it is still indexed and displayed in search.

3. If you have a lot of undesigned 404 pages that don't lead users to the home page or other sections, the website's position in organic search goes down. That's why a good 404 page design is beneficial for SEO.

🙌 On Tilda you can configure the 404 error page in a few clicks: Add a new page to your project, design the error page layout, then go to the Site Settings → More → 404 Error Page → select the page you've just created from the list, save the changes, and publish all pages.
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