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Landing Page Design Principles

😎 If you are thinking of designing a landing page but not sure where to start, we've got you covered. Here are top design principles that make your digital content easier to understand.

Tip 1. Cut Your Content Into Pieces
Think of a landing page as a presentation made up of different slides. It's easier to read through the page that is divided into clear sections: 1 section = 1 message.

Tip 2. Establish Visual Hierarchy
Unconsciously, we perceive elements placed next to each other as a group and expect them to be linked by a common meaning.

👮‍♂️ That's why spaces between sections should be larger than the ones between elements inside each section. Move related elements closer to each other: heading+subheading, image+caption.

Tip 3. Consistency Won't Kill Creativity
When the content is organized according to clear rules, it's much easier to find what you're looking for.

To achieve consistency:
👉 Maintain the same spacing between sections throughout the page.
👉 Keep the same font size for the elements of the same level. All section headings can be 62px, all subheadings - 24px, and body text - 20px, for example.

Tip 4. Don't Be Shy With Call to Action
The CTA is the main reason you design your landing page, so make it shine bright. You can use a vivid background or a contrasting button to highlight the block.

🎩 The Boutique Rule
In luxury boutiques, items are never crowded—each product is important and has enough space around it to be noticed. Same for the content:
Add more white space to the page, and your content will look meaningful.

Learn the complete set of design principles in Chapter 4 of the Landing Page Coursebook: https://tilda.link/course-chapter4
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