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Online Store Micro Updates

Six updates to the online stores will make working with the catalog and product cards even more convenient and faster. Here's an in-depth look at what's changed.

Updated display of options in the product card
When selecting an option in a store's product list, the image in the card will now change. This is handy for the users as they don't need to open the pop-up to see what different options look like.

Available for the blocks with product cards: ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315, and ST320 – if you display items with multiple variants from the catalog.

To show the variants in the product list, check "Show product options next to the thumbnail in the product list" in the block settings → Cards.

Sorting product options in product cards and catalog filters
Automatically sort the product options' numerical values taking into account units of measurement in the product card and catalog filters. You no longer have to rearrange the options manually for a consistent display. Works for clothing sizes, numbers, watts, bytes, and the units for length and weight (metric system).

Displaying products in stock and sorting products on the website by default
It's now possible to show already filtered products by default when you open the page. The update will be useful if you are launching advertising campaigns and it's important to show the products in a certain order. You can make changes in the block settings → Filters & Store Categories.

Additional options when downloading a catalog in CSV
When exporting catalog products to a CSV file, you can now add disabled items, along with the links to images and products.

Product titles without properties when generating a Facebook Feed
A toggle "Don't add variant option values to the product title" is now available when generating a Facebook Feed. If you enable this setting, the same title will be used for all variants, and the variant property values will be added to the product description.

The trash bin is moved to the Product Catalog menu
The trash bin in the catalog is now a separate menu item and is displayed only if there are deleted products.
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