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🪙 How To Monetize eLearning Products Using Tilda

If you have all the materials for an eLearning product, discover how to launch and monetize it, using Tilda's built-in tools👇

Build Your Course
Use Tilda Online Course Builder to turn your materials into a fully-fledged course with lectures and assignments.

Create different types of lectures: Article, Video, Test, etc. You can easily edit lectures using an intuitive editor. For example, if you find that there's too much text, you can add visuals or attach a video.

Create a Landing Page
Once the course is ready, you need ways to distribute it. One highly effective method is a landing page. Here you can describe what your course offers, how students will benefit, showcase reviews, and set up purchase options. Add a CTA button to buy the course or request a consultation, as it greatly increases conversions.

Design the Page
Choose from 200+ ready-made templates to create a landing page or build it from scratch using a library of 550+ blocks. Include key information about the course and your expertise. Add testimonials from students and an online form to collect contact details.

Add Purchase Options
Include a product card block and provide a detailed description for each purchase option. For example, you may offer three study formats: Self-paced, tutor-led, and self-paced with feedback. Also, ensure to add a shopping cart block so visitors can place orders.

Connect Payment System
You can accept online payments from anywhere in the world. Simply connect integrated services like Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout and let your customers choose how they want to pay.

Connect Data Capture Services
Connect a third-party service like Google Sheets or use built-in Tilda CRM to collect and manage submissions from your landing page. This will help you track leads and engage with them by sending promotions via email or contacting them directly.

Use Lead Magnets To Encourage Submissions
A lead magnet is free content like a course sample or a private consultation. Offer it in exchange for visitors' contact info—this way, you'll not only show the product's value but also grow your customer base.

Spread the Word
Get friends and colleagues to support the launch. If you don't have a budget for paid ads, promote your course through word of mouth. If you lack reviews to share, consider offering free access to people you know or the first ten students who agree to provide feedback afterward.
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