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Early Access to New Features

😎 Early Access to New Features
You can try new features on Tilda before other users get access to them. To do this, become a beta tester for new features in your Profile. Swipe left to see the details 👉

Early access allows you to be the first to try and use new features for your projects. In return, you share responsibility for the product with us: You use it and report bugs to our support. Our developers make the necessary changes, and then we open access to all users.

We open early access to a feature strictly after we have checked and tested it internally. However, it’s impossible to anticipate all contexts a feature can be used in. That's why we invite those who agree to our conditions to be the first to evaluate the updates, share their findings with us, and influence the product.

💪 To get early access, go to the "Profile" tab in your account and check the "Opt in to become a beta-tester and try new features before they are released" box. This option is available to users who have purchased any paid plan.

If you are not ready to use early versions of the features, please don't check the box. This way you’ll get access to new features together with all Tilda users.

Some features are labeled BETA, which means they are available to all users but are still in the testing phase. We need more variables to check complex features, so we open such features to everyone, monitor users' comments, and fix the bugs. If you don't want to participate, please don't use the features labeled as BETA.
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