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How To Run Your First Client Call

Before you start designing a client's website, it's crucial to grasp both the task at hand and expectations: engage in effective communication with your customer and prepare a clear project design brief.

The project brief is a document in which the designer outlines their understanding of the client's business goals, product, and solution to the task by means of a website. It is drafted based on the conversation with the client.

Try to make the first meeting as effective as you can so that your client feels comfortable and responds to questions openly. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this👇

Don't Ask Clients To Write
It's always better to schedule a call. While filling out a written brief, they may overlook or misunderstand certain questions. A call gives a chance to clarify any uncertainties and make sure you're on the same page.

Send Questions Beforehand
This will help your client get familiar with the topics you intend to discuss during the call and increase the chances that they will come prepared, so the interview won't last forever.

Clarify the Duration Of the Call
It's important for the client to plan their time and avoid rushing during the conversation. Inform them about the call duration, and if there are any delays, it can be continued on another day.

Notify In Case the Call Is Recorded
It's a good idea to record the call to ensure that not a single detail is overlooked or forgotten. Obviously, all the participants must be well aware of the fact that the meeting is being recorded and give their consent.

Inform That You Will Be Taking Notes
During the conversation, you will ask a lot of questions, and the client may worry about needing to remember or write things down. Before the call, remove any concerns and inform that you will be taking notes.

After scheduling a client call and preparing the agenda, proceed to the meeting. How to further understand clients' needs and motivations, set the right priorities when working on a project, and more, learn from the Tilda Education Jobs To Be Done guide.

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