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📹 Block Library Update: Video Widget VD16

Easily add a video widget with a product description to any page of your website using the new VD16 block.

Record a vertical or horizontal video, insert its URL into the block, personalize the call-to-action button and adjust the widget display on the page.

  • You can choose different clips for the preview and main video that plays when the widget is clicked.

  • The widget is fully customizable: Adjust the preview's aspect ratio, border color, round corners, apply shadows, and select a preset animation effect for its appearance. The CTA button and close icon can also be modified.

  • Position the widget on your page as you like—display the video on the right or left, with separate adjustments for side margins on desktop and mobile devices.

⚠️ Note: Uploading video files directly to Tilda is not supported; please use a third-party service to host your video.

Learn more about adding videos to your Tilda website: https://help.tilda.cc/video#html5.
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