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Lines Of Force In Design

🪐 Lines of force are axes along which the content is arranged on the website page. They help to combine blocks, organize content on the page and allow you to follow the visual hierarchy. Discover when and how you can use the lines of force in design.

Articles and texts
In articles that have simple layout, when there are not many combinations of columns, you can use 2-3 lines of force. To support visual hierarchy, it's better to choose one accent line and two secondary lines and align titles, text, and images to the left.

Complex compositions
You can build complex compositions of photos and illustrations by using lines of force. Choose 4-5 lines and center the elements. For creating a more impressive effect, you can add animation on scroll.

Horizontal rhythm
You can use horizontal lines of force to organize the information in blocks with complex structure — for example, in columns and menus.

Can you replace the grid with a set of lines of force?

These are two tools that solve the same task of arranging the elements on the page in a logical and consistent style to control the reader's eye. Try different options, combine approaches for your goals.
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