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Why You Need a Personal Website

A personal website is a tool to promote and build credibility for your personal brand. Anyone who sells their services or goods, from a private tutor to a restaurant chain owner, will benefit from it.

While you can use social media to promote your personal brand and even to sell products, a website has a number of advantages:

💫 A personal website contains all information about you in one place. You won't be limited by the number of characters or the format: post texts about yourself, show your portfolio, client testimonials, add a blog, attach a link to your CV, set up an online form so customers can place an order or contact you.

💫 Information on the website can be conveniently organized, saving visitors time searching Instagram or numerous Facebook posts. Also, your data will be safe in case your social media account is blocked or hacked.

💫 A website is like a universal business card. You can create several pages for different audiences and send your partners, clients, or journalists a link to the right version. You can update the information on your website at any time. For example, to change a photo, you don't have to delete or re-upload the post.

A personal brand isn't just for celebrities or politicians. People always prefer communicating with other people so developing a personal brand is beneficial to all kinds of professionals.

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Use your personal website in addition to social media or other promotion channels and create a personal brand that inspires ✨
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