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T213. How to Edit Multiple Blocks at Once

Let's say you have blocks with the same content on different pages and you want to update it regularly. Can you do this without making changes to each individual block? Yes! Simply use the T213 Alias block👇

👯‍♀️ An alias is an exact copy of a block. If you make changes to the original block, all changes will be immediately applied to every alias version of that block. Use this feature if your project requires regularly updated blocks located on different pages, such as a schedule or a list of recently published articles. It's a time saver since you only have to make changes once.

🔍 How do I set up the Alias block?

1. Add and customize the block you want to be displayed on multiple pages. It can be placed anywhere on a website.

2. At the very bottom of the block's settings, find its ID. This is a unique identifier that links an alias to the original block. Copy the ID.

3. Place the T213 Alias block from the "Other" category where you want a copy of the block to appear. In the Alias block's content, paste the original block's ID you copied earlier.

Done! Now, when you make changes to the original block, they will be applied to the Alias block as well. There can be any number of aliases, and changes will apply to all of them. Just remember to publish your pages after making changes.

📌 It's not possible to edit an Alias block. To make changes, you have to first change the original block.
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