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⚡️ Two New Templates in the Pro Category

Introducing Grid and Studio: 2 brand new templates created in Zero Block.

Try new templates from the Pro category:
👉 http://studio.template.tilda.ws
👉 http://grid.template.tilda.ws

"Studio" is a template with a monochrome color scheme, a strict two-column grid, and black and white photographs. Large headings with offset lines visually separate blocks and draw the attention of visitors. Great for interior design studios or architecture firms.

"Grid" is a template featuring a light blue background, neat and airy serifs in headings, and many photos. Perfect for complex products that need to be shown from different angles, such as cosmetic products and services, clothing, or jewelry.

✨ Choose a template from the Pro category when creating a new webpage. Just don't forget to install custom fonts after adding the template.

In category Pro you'll find versatile templates with non-standard layouts, creative use of typography, and interactive animation effects. You can adapt them for all kinds of digital projects from landing pages to online stores.
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