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Personal Website: How to Analyze Statistics and Attract More Visitors

A personal website is a must-have for anyone, from a designer to a business owner. Here's how you can grow your personal website and reach new audiences.

With analytics, you can learn about customer needs—something you can't do on social media.

🎯 How to set up analytics for your personal website?

Google Analytics offers all kinds of data, but start with setting up the basics: Set goals, track traffic sources, and identify the most popular parts of your website.

Key metrics to follow:
👉 Traffic channels. Check which websites and social media bring the most traffic. If you spend a lot of effort on a social media account, and it doesn't bring visitors, you shouldn't focus on it.
👉 The Queries report. Keep track of the search queries visitors are using to visit your website, what they expect from you, and why they are interested in you.
👉 The Behavior section. Track how long users stay on a specific page, bounce rates, etc. If a section or a page is ignored by all visitors, it is better to remove it.

🎯 How to attract new visitors?
Add your personal website to your social media profiles, your email signature, and messengers. Share the link with journalists and potential clients. If you have something to say, start your own blog. It is beneficial for SEO and new users will be able to find your website in search engines.

At the end of each post, add an online form to contact you, a link to your online store, or a newsletter subscription. This will allow the person who has just finished reading your article to see how you can help them using your expertise.
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