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Header and Footer for Product Pages

🛍 For product pages in Tilda online store, a separate header and footer can be configured in the Product Catalog.

Product headers and footers are blocks that are displayed on all product pages above and below the card. Sometimes it is necessary for the header and footer of a product page to have a different design and/or content than the blocks on the home page.

In the header, for example, you can add a "Go back" button or a menu that will be different from the main one. In the footer, you can add delivery and payment terms, a product care guide, a call to action (CTA), or other useful information for your visitors.

🌸 How do I do this?
1. Create additional pages for the header and footer. Add the necessary blocks and information to them
2. Go to Products → Settings → Header and Footer
3. Assign the previously created pages as the product header and footer
4. Check the "Open page instead of pop-up" box
All done!

Guide to Tilda Product Catalog: https://help.tilda.cc/online-store-payments/catalog
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