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🛍️ How To Launch an Online Store On Tilda. Part 1

Bringing your business online and launching an online store can help attract new customers, boost your sales and revenue.

Discover how to create an eСommerce website on Tilda and easily connect all the essential services👇

Choose a Template For Your Future Store
Save time by using beautiful and functional pre-designed templates. You can customize them as you like: Edit text, upload images, connect additional services, etc.

If no template seems perfect for you, create a page from scratch using the Block Library with 580+ pre-designed blocks.

Add Content To Your Website
Include your brand name, a brief intro to your business, add products, upload images, and write detailed product descriptions.

To manage your stock, connect the built-in Product Catalog. It allows you to keep hundreds of items organized, add characteristics like material, size, weight, etc.

Add filters to make it easier for your visitors to find products.

Add a Shopping Cart And Connect CRM
Make sure to add a shopping cart block from the Store category. The cart widget appears when a visitor adds the first item.

View completed orders in your Tilda account. You can also connect a free built-in CRM for easy lead and order tracking.

Connect a Payment System
Accept payments from anywhere in the world. Customers can use a variety of payment options such as Stripe, PayPal, bank cards, Apple Pay, etc. Connect payment systems in Site Settings → Payment Systems.

Alternatively, choose "Cash on Delivery," if you prefer not to sign up for payment services at the moment.

Add Delivery Options
If you ship products, specify delivery methods like in-store pick-up, home delivery, mailbox delivery, etc.

Set a specific price for each option, and it will be automatically added to the product cost in the shopping cart.

Launch Your Store
After adding products and setting up all the shopping features, preview the page. If you're happy with the result, go ahead and publish it to make the store live.

Learn more about creating eCommerce websites on Tilda: help.tilda.cc/online-store-payments.

And stay tuned for the second part, where we'll explore adding interactive product cards, integrating promo codes, including discount labels, and much more!
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