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4 Ways To Create a Portfolio Without Real Clients

Your portfolio shows what you can do, how you think, your level of design skills, and what businesses you like to work with. Without a portfolio, it won't be easy to find clients or get a job.

Beginning designers go round in circles: No portfolio -> no clients -> no works for portfolio... Here's how to create a competitive portfolio if you have no real projects yet 👇

Student Projects
If you've attended classes and done the coursework, add the best projects to your portfolio.

Design Challenges
Creative challenges are good in that you'll get an interesting assignment, deadline, and good motivation to complete the work.

Invented Clients
Imagine a client, design brief, and deadline, and get down to work. Don't get too fancy about it to make it look like a real concept. You can also use brief generators like FakeClients.

Choose a well-known brand—a car or a sneaker brand—and come up with a design for it. Or find an outdated design of a real company and upgrade it.

If you want to work in a specific style and with specific industries, add relevant projects to your portfolio. It'll increase the chance your dream clients will contact you.
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