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Problem: Websites with HTTPS Certificates May Fail to Open

A global outage occurred on the side of our partner (Variti) that provides traffic filtering and protection against DDOS attacks. It is used to connect your domain.

As a result, some websites with HTTPS certificates cannot be opened. To reactivate the certificate and fix the website, please follow these steps:
1. Check the current IP address in the DNS settings on your domain registrar's website. If is specified, replace it with
2. If a different IP address is specified, replace it with
3. Go to Site Settings → SEO → HTTPS → disable HTTPS. Then enable HTTPS again.

Done! Everything should work now.

Detailed instructions: http://help.tilda.cc/customdomain

For Kazakhstan and Belarus: if your website's domain is in the .kz or .қaz zone, the IP address should be For domains in the .by zone -

If you have any difficulties, please contact our support team from your personal account (click on the question mark widget in the lower left corner). We will help you to fix the issue.
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