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New Feature: Tabs in Product Pop-up Page

You can now use tabs to organize descriptions in the product pop-ups for your online store. You can add several sections as classic tabs or cards that open up.

There are 4 types of tabs:
  • Information
Basic product description with text, lists, images, and videos. Add information about ingredients or materials used in the production.
  • Template
A description that you can later re-use for other products. It's handy when you need to post similar information for several products and quickly edit it. This could be a template for delivery and payment info.
  • Text
A detailed product description from the "Text" field.
  • Characteristics
Information about the brand, size, and other parameters from the "Characteristics" section.

The "Information" tab can be saved as a template and re-used for other products. Switch the tab type to "Template" and rename it. Similarly, this will work if you need to save the edited template as a unique product description.

To add text for tabs, go to Product Catalog → select an item → under TABS, click "Add a new tab". Next, open the block with the items and connect the Product Catalog to it. Finally, open the Settings panel of the block → Pop-up → Tabs in the product card, and select the look you want.

This feature is available for blocks ST300, ST305N, ST310N, ST315N, and ST320N. If a product opens on a separate page in the online store, the tabs will also work.

Learn more about setting up the tabs in our Help Center.

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